I was watching pokemon again the other day and it’s a fucking weird show. Brock appears to be some sort of vicious pedophile that hits on anything that moves. The show skirts round the issue that they eat meat but there are only pokemon in their world, and worst of all Ash’s mother is some emotionally stunted bitch that lets her dillusional 10 year old son run around in search of encapsulating small animals into balls with a couple bucks and a change of underwear. Also what is that Misty girl’s problem? I’d spend less time bitching about my bike and more time wearing some real clothes. She wears such little clothing I have no idea how she wasn’t raped by Brock. Maybe he couldn’t get his Metapod to harden, if you know what I mean.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Picture by Angie:

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Mr Jerry Tee

Great jumper

The jumper is super comfy and is actually a good length which is awesome.

Love the shirt

I love how the shirt turned out! It's a nice soft shirt and the picture looks great.

One of the most comfortable shirts I've got.

Comfortable as any other shirt I have, including my sublimated designs.

How well it will hold up under washing compared to these is yet to be seen, but I have every confidence it will go toe to toe with the best shirts I own.

Lovely and soft, this shirt will easily be a staple of my casual wardrobe for years to come.


I Love these, they are very soft, fit perfectly and the design is so cute, Thank You LKC.