Tangled And Disney In General

I saw the latest Disney movie ‘Tangled’ the other day. I swear Disney base all their movies around making fun of Jewish people. Everyone in the movie has a tiny unusable nose. There’s ONE Jew in the movie with a gigantically huge nose and a dweeby voice. I cannot emphasise enough how exaggerated his features are. His only role in the movie is being a rough looking pansy who bitches on about wanting to meet a girl (To be fair we do share striking similarities). Also he only gets one scene. That’s literally it. Meanwhile Ropunzel’s mother looks scarishly like Cher. I’m not sure if that is on purpose or not though. It works in with the whole “being too old and pretending you’re still relevant” thing Cher has going on though. Disney are so weird like that. Also all Disney sitcoms always feature 3 main characters, who are a mix of genders and ethnicities. Generally there’s a white girl, an Asian girl and a black guy. Look out for it. Disney get very scared about upsetting anyone. Unless they’re Jews, obviously.

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