The Secret Editions

Before I post anything, there is a huge sale happening right now with 40% off all tees! If you have your eye on any now is the time to grab some! Also I scribble together an Xmas card with each tee I send out. Just saying.

Ages ago I was going to get a whole bunch of one-off tees printed with awkward things written on them that I came up with while bored on a train one day. It never happened because I’m lazy but here’s some of them:

I posted a sex ad on craigslist but no one replied.

I read books on public transport to look smart.

I lead people on to validate myself.

I never registered to vote

I don’t know who magic johnson is

I buy my clothes from fancy places

If you like any tell me and I’ll get my typography skills on and make a tee for you. That would require you commenting on the blog on the facebook page though, and we all know how much you kids hate doing that. Yeah. I went there.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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