Hug Rejection

So the other night I went along with a friend to a party I wasn’t invited to as a favour so he didn’t have to go alone. I was immediately worried he would run off and I would be left alone in the corner pretending to text on my phone but to his credit he stuck around. Anyhoo I bumped into one girl I had a massive conversation with while overseas and extended my arms for a hug and said we should catch up and she just stood there looking away with a catty expression. But she didn’t even move. It was so awkward. Fucking excuse me. I had to physically restrain myself from telling her she wasn’t hot enough to be that much of a bitch. I didn’t realise I was not deemed cool enough to hug a scrawny midget with an average face. Bitch was so cold she froze my phone. Literally. I needed to get a girl’s number later and it didn’t work. I don’t give out my number. I take numbers.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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