I Love You, But..

Back in high school I used to get in a lot of trouble for my drunken shananigans. One time it actually resulted in me getting dumped. This particular ex hosted a house party. I invited a few friends to come along. I got so trashed I introduced myself to her parents late in the eve then proceeded to throw up in the kitchen sink over all their cutlery and plates. While they were still in the room. I don’t think she or they were too impressed. A week later for my birthday present she got me this amazing T-shirt by Insight (Like a fake ID, a must-have for any 16-17 year old but weird for people legally allowed to drink.) and then started talking about how she doesn’t love me anymore. I had no idea what to say back because I just wanted to make sure I could have the T-shirt. So I just kind of ran along with whatever she was going on about envisioning how I was going to wear the shirt. Ironically, this blog post is not at all insightful.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Picture by Angie:

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