Mario Party 64

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I was playing Mario Party on the Nintendo 64 today and the entire opening scene genuinely looks like the rest of the characters are planning on gang-raping Toad. They are all just standing there crowding around him (he is completely encircled) occasionally walking up to him and thrusting violently as some sort of weird attempt at showing their masculinity. The sequence then resolves with all of the characters charging into him at the same time quite forcefully and Toad jumping out of the pack. He proceeds to float in mid-air for awhile having some sort of epileptic fit. Not that I’m an expert but I’m guessing rape happens something like that. Also it doesn’t help that Mario and Luigi genuinely look like 80’s porn stars.

NOTE: What’s something 6 out or 7 people enjoy? Answer: Self-explanatory.

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Picture by Angie:

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