Acting Childish

I totally get jealous of babies. They just act like a regular person tripping and people deem it cute. They can pretty much do anything and it’s “adorable”. There was a baby at dinner the other night (not by itself – someone brought it.) and it started screaming like an intolerable little shit and everyone was going batshit crazy over how cute they thought she was. I kind of wish I was a baby. If I was ever bored in a situation I could just start screaming shit and everyone would be all like “OMG SO CUTE!”. I could proceed to throw food at everyone and bail when it suited me to go drool on the floor or whatever it is babies do. For the record, I have nothing against small children, I just don’t like them around me. I’d rather just give them something sharp and tell them to go play outside. I’m going to a fucking great parent one day.

NOTE: Last night around 3AM while doing “stuff” I made new prices for the shirts. To celebrate / as a thank you to blog readers any shirts bought in the next 7 days will arrive with an additional care package of chillwave mix CD’s, extended letters, vintage sweaters and other odd-things I have laying around the house.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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