Six Bad Things I Have Done While Driving (Part 2)

Part 2:

4. I’ve had 2 accidents. The first one was when I drove into a car at 5KM an hour and she was batshit crazy and started yelling and made a claim against me. But I decided to be a jerk about it so I just refused to deal with her insurance company and I haven’t heard back from them since.

5. In the second accident, I drove into someone’s bumper bar thing and my car got stuck and they drove me around for awhile without noticing my car was attached to theirs. And not just emotionally. They eventually worked it out and pulled over and I got my car unstuck / half destroyed. That wasn’t a good day.

6. One time I was in a rush to get home so got into my car and reversed too fast and hit the car behind me. Only problem was a whole bunch of people were watching. So I got out, walked over to the car and brought with me a piece of paper and pen. I went on to draw some doodles all over the paper and fold it and put underneath the windscreen wiper so it looked like I gave the car my contact details. I’m a terrible person.

NOTE: My mother is sort of a nutcase, so I tread lightly when she tries things like setting me up with people (at least now she sets me up with girls), but she went on and on about how kooky and creative this girl she met the other day was and how much she wanted me to call so I gave in and finally called her today. The girl went on to give me the whole “I’m sure you’re nice but I’m a bit busy right now” bit. Fuck. I’m now getting rejected by girls I haven’t even met yet. New low.

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