Six Bad Things I Have Done While Driving

Part 1:

1. On the way to my final driving test I drove too fast and snapped off someone’s side mirrror. A car went on to start beeping and following me so I drove even faster and got away by driving into traffic.

2. I get really angry if people tailgate me, but one time I was stuck on a narrow road behind a slow driver and I made a game out of going as close I could to the car in front without touching it. I won.

3. Technically wasn’t driving but had sex in the backseat of a girlfriend’s car and it fogged up so I wrote about it (quite blatantly) on the back window. The next day she was driving her parents home from the airport and it was a cold day so the window fogged up and her whole family saw my little message. Was very awkward going over the next day.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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