I stumbled upon the facebook page of one of my good friends from high school and noticed he had a very similar display picture to his girlfriend (who I’ve met numerous times AND GAVE A LIFT TO) so I clicked her profile only to discover she deleted me. What a hussy. I’m a great friend to have on facebook. I get super paranoid about no one liking my status updates so try make them all witty or self-deprecating. I decided it would be my next goal to bump into her somewhere and bring this up in conversation. It then hit me that there should be a facebook app called “awks” that records people who delete you from facebook and then alerts you when they’re going to events you’re going to, so you can bring it up and be all awkward about it. That last sentence was lacking in full stops, but I took it directly from a status update. Good example of the quality of the updates. Bitch doesn’t know what she’s missing.


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