The Dog

Awhile ago I applied and got an interview for a clothing store which I was pretty excited about, so I showed up looking all snazzy in my fancy white shirt and businessman pants. I went on to meet this girl called “Kylie” and go up to the next level of the complex the store was located on for coffee. This particular clothing brand is based around this stupid dog it has as its logo. So much so that Kylie just went on and on about this fucking dog for half an hour. I didn’t actually say anything. She just kept on about how the dog resembles loyalty, dignity, being hard-working etc. Afterwards she said she really liked me and wanted me to have a trial and I remember specifically that she insisted she would call me after to let me know how I did. Anyway I fucked up the trial because I got super bored stumbling around the store for two hours and didn’t make the cut. Three weeks later, however, I realised she never called me back like she promised. So while drunk I messaged her off my phone saying “Hi, Kylie! Thanks so much for letting me know how I did in the trial. It really showed all the characteristics of a dog.”. That didn’t do down so well.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Picture by Angie:

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