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So I’m in with the IT crowd. I know how shit works. Well I know how google analytics works, anyway. For those of you who don’t know basically it allows you to see what leads people to your website, and check your traffic flows and all that. One interesting thing it does is record the google searches that result in people visiting your website. I checked them out and because of the odd nature of this blog there are some really bizarre searches that have landed people on my page. Here are some of my favourites:

“how to kiss a fat girl in the cinema”

“i get crank in the club, get drunk in the club, pull down my”

“is kissing based on whistling skills”

“known a girl for a few years took her out on a date when is it okay to kiss her”

“say pikachu when he orgasms”

“tumblr girls say yes to boys who say no shirt”

Honestly all in all I’m just glad there are other people out there who see how saying pikachu while orgasming could be viable. It’ll catch on. One day.

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