Hair Care

The average time I spend in a job is a week. I get fired. A lot. When I finished high school the first job I got was in hair care. I think they hired me based purely on the assumption that I was gay. To their credit, everybody thought I was gay. Including my mother, who preoccupied herself at the time by setting me up with male nurses at her hospital. Anyway it was a pretty strange place to work. People were constantly stealing stuff. Unfortunately you aren’t actually allowed to do a whole lot about it. During one of my shifts I was standing around bored and noticed a guy stealing gel. So I thought fuck it and walked over and informed him for his hair type he’d probably be a lot better off stealing a gel with a firmer hold, and less shine. He thanked me and walked off with the superior product. I got fired the next day.

NOTE: My talented friend Chelsea is playing at the El Rocco room this Friday night in King’s Cross. If you’re into singer-songwriter stuff you should get amongst it.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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Then die crop

It is a bit short on me, both arm length and crop length. I hate ordering a size up because shirts tend to get quite baggy. It is made beautifully and looks amazing, just doesn't quite suit me.

Absolutely swaggy

The jumper is super comfortable, the contents of the package were as asked for with the addition of a little Warwick drawing so I’m happy as Larry.

absolutely perfect

the worlds most comfortable shirt. bonkers soft material

Brendan Fraser

Very good, would recomend, stylish and comfy, good meme. over all HUGE

Not A Cat (Ecru) Tee

Love my Tee. Was my first order with LKC so I got the size wrong, but no problem with the exchange. The Tee itself is excellent quality.