5 Notable Moments From My First Ski Trip

A couple years ago I went on my first ski trip. It was organised by the “ski society” or whatever at the university I attended at the time. I ended up being the joke of the trip due to my inability to ski and everyone there had some weird name for me I totally forget. I also went on to date someone I met there. That was a terrible month. But anyhoo here are 5 notable moments from the trip:

1. On my first run my friend who insisted he’d help me down the slope abandoned me and I went on to knock over 6 children and get stuck in a wall.

2. I shared a lift up with a girl I met on a slope and angled my pole badly so she couldn’t sit properly and fell off.

3. On one of the big party nights I got really drunk and threw up onto this guy’s treasured vintage 1988 Nike shoes from the top bunk. Good aim.

4. While going down one of the slopes I fell over and my phone fell out my pocket. I went down the same slope again an hour later and fell over in the same spot and found my phone.

5. I got asked for the time and tried using the analogue section of my watch to answer and said “4, no 4:30, wait 5, yeah 4:15.” This became my famous quote of the trip. The time was 5:15.

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