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So over the past few weeks I’ve received a couple emails from people asking advice for things or just sending random gibberish. I’m totally down for this sort of thing. Here are some answers:

“I have to go to a party and don’t know anyone there. What should I do?”

Ah that happened to me once. I had to go to a formal 21st and got really paranoid about being the super awkward guy standing by himself so found a bottle of wine in my cupboard I got for an ex but never gave (cow) and drank half of that. I think it was off though. I started feeling really ill and threw up in the bathroom profusely while doing up my tie. Anyway I showed up an hour late off my face and no one was the wiser. That doesn’t actually answer your question but I felt the need to tell the story.

“I fall over a lot too. Maybe we should fall over together.”

Would have been wittier if you said fall FOR each other but I’ll take that.


Ages ago I decided the thing I ultimately want to do during sex is orgasm while yelling “PIKACHU”. You know the way he (it?) used to do in the TV show with all the enthusiasm of doing an electric shock or whatever, but I think any pokemon would work. Their little chants make for great climax conversation. I think I’ll drop that phrase while talking to people more. “Climax conversation”.

“What’s the first romance advice you ever got?”

Wow that’s a good question. Also weird that you say “romance advice”, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use that expression. When I was 11 I was on this thing called IRC which was like this global chat room and I posted a message saying “how do you know if someone has a crush on you” inquiring about a girl I fancied in class and someone responded saying “you can feel your rips crack.” I think that actually explains a lot about how I turned out.

If you have a question or just want to spam my inbox send an email to info[at] and you too can potentially on the blog! (As you can see I don’t post up names or emails AND correct poor grammar. I’m good like that.)

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