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I’ve been meaning to do something new lately so I figured I’d do band interviews. But only for bands I like. So I decided to interview a band called The Milkman’s Union. I stumbled upon them on hypemachine a few months ago and have been steadily playing through their album ever since.

Where abouts in America are you guys from exactly?

We’re based in Portland, Maine. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of it. It’s a beautiful, arts-fueled, sea-side city of 70,000. You should come visit sometime.

What comes to your mind when you think of Australia?

Men at Work. Olivia Newton-John. The Crocodile Hunter. Kangaroos. Koalas. Cane Toads. Dingos. Dingos eating babies.

What’s the most awkward thing you’ve done in an intimate situation?

I was parked in an empty parking lot with a lady, a cop pulled behind the car and I ripped open my pants trying to get them up as the cop was walking up to the car. ‘Can I help you officer?’

(For purposes of avoiding specific embarrassment, we’re not going to tell you which band member this happened to).

Do you fall over in public a lot? I do.

No, not usually. You should hold onto one of your ear lobes when you walk. I hear that helps.

Have you ever stumbled upon really pornographic material on the internet and then just sort of gone with it?

What constitutes really pornographic? I’m sure the answer’s yes regardless.

Oh, and what’s on the cards for the band in the future?

We’re winding down a very busy winter and spring. We played 28 shows in February, March and April alone. We won’t be touring quite as much this summer, so we’ll be hunkering down in the studio and working on the next album. We’ve got enough material for a double-album at this point, but what exactly we’ll be unveiling next is unclear. You can definitely expect something this summer though.

NOTE: Big thanks to Peter, Henry and Alex. Lovely band.

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