Change Room Problems

I dated a girl briefly in year 10 called Alex. That was interesting. We broke up because I leaned in to kiss her after a date and she turned to the side so it became a cheek kiss. This angered me. I walked home brooding and called my friend who inexplicably decided because I was calling him at 1AM I was being chased by bad people and was already putting on his shoes and running out the door to get me. Anyhoo a year later I saw her in Cotton On with her new boyfriend, and that was fine. Only problem was I was trying on (and still wearing) red skinny jeans for some reason so I just sort of spontaneously freaked out and jumped into an empty changing room and locked the door. I wanted to just wait there for 20 minutes but then realised all my stuff was in the change room next to me. So I jumped back out of the changing room, and into the one I was originally using and changed into my new clothes so fast I didn’t realise I left the door wide open. I then went on to sprint out the store as fast as I could. I’m positive the people working there thought I stole something. Walking back home I received a message from an unknown number saying “Were you just in Cotton On?”. I haven’t been back to the store since.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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