My First Kiss

When I was in year 7 I had my first kiss. I met a girl at my local train station after school and days later we had “I (L) U 4 LYF” on our MSN display names. Shit was going down. So at the end of the week we went on a double date to a movie with some strange looking guy and his girlfriend who had this giant red spot on her forehead which she couldn’t stop picking. The movie started and halfway through the girl I was “seeing” took me to the back of the cinema and we made out. I had some super freak out and started shivering. Long story short she happened to tell her whole grade about this and I was known as “that weird frigid guy”. Jokes on her now I make out shiver free and she’s some fat whore. Display pictures of sunsets on your facebook profile don’t make you look like a well travelled individual, it just makes it assumed you have some sort of disfigurement.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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