Intention to Learn

Back in science class in year 10 I had a teacher called Mr. Edgeton. It was pronounced edge-ah-ton though. For some reason I was convinced his last name was Eggles. I went like 6 months calling him Mr. Eggles until anyone noticed. Anyway one class I was up the back doing fuck all per usual and Mr. Eggles said to me “You know, one day you’re going to get an intention to learn..” and I thought he said “PENCIL to learn” so I replied “oh hey I think I have one somewhere” and went scrambling through my pencil case for awhile looking for one apparently not noticing everyone’s laughter. Convinced I had at least one pencil in my possession I then said “no no hold on, I have it somewhere” and then got up and walked to my bag and started emptying it out desperately looking. The people in the class must have either thought I was completely insane or I was a comical genius. I’d like to think it’s a mixture of both.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

NOTE: Here’s a sketch my friend Angie made inspired by the blog post:

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