Leading People On

So initially I was going to do an ad for the label in some magazines, but then I realized I have no money for such things and upon inquiring about lowering the price because this is an art community based project (shut up, it totally is) I got no reply. I’m like Rodney Dangerfield. NO RESPECT. Oh man it was so awkward I sent a facebook message to this guy I met at a party who runs this street art magazine about working together on things and I was really drunk when I typed it and reading over it now it sounds so much like I’m using the whole thing to hit on him. The opening line includes “sucks we didn’t get a chance to talk more (probably on account of me getting drunk too quickly)” and turns out he’s gay. Which is actually offensive because then he’s rejecting my accidental advances. Fuck him I’m hot. What a jerk. I’m genuinely insulted by this. I hope this goes somewhere and he sends me some email in a year being like “oh hey we should work together” and I can be all like “well well well look who came CRAWLING back!” I’d tell him to beg on his knees but then this is going back to the whole ‘leading him on’ thing again. How awkward.

Note: I have my own website with a blog. I was never NOT going to abuse this

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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FuBin Good Quality

The shirt is made with a nice light fabric and the acid wash adds a nice effect to the tone of shirt. The print is high quality. The size (M) was a good fit for myself (5'9 and medium build). Warwick is also a lad and goes above and beyond for his customers.


Awesome T-shirt’s

My tshirt arrived quickly and is so soft and comfy and the perfect size.

Friendlyjordies #scomoforprison Tee

Hard to hate it here in this shirt

Hard to hate it anywhere in this shirt