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Welcome to Lonely Kids Club

Lonely Kids Club is an independent clothing label that believes in the principle that clothing should be personal. Each range is a collaboration between Lonely Kids Club and an artist we like and everything is made in limited editions. We sell our goods through our own online store so we can produce the garments we want, when we want, without being steered in any particular direction or pushed into producing anything for monetary reasons. Additionally, it allows the label’s founder, Warwick, to mail every clothing order out with a personal message and unique drawing as our own little thank you for supporting the brand.


Leading People On

So initially I was going to do an ad for the label in some magazines, but then I realized I have no money for such things and upon inquiring about lowering the price because this is an art community based project (shut up, it totally is) I got no reply. I’m like Rodney Dangerfield. NO RESPECT. Oh man it was so awkward I sent a facebook message to this guy I met at a party who runs this street art magazine about working together on things and I was really drunk when I typed it and reading over it now it sounds so much like I’m using the whole thing to hit on him. The opening line includes “sucks we didn’t get a chance to talk more (probably on account of me getting drunk too quickly)” and turns out he’s gay. Which is actually offensive because then he’s rejecting my accidental advances. Fuck him I’m hot. What a jerk. I’m genuinely insulted by this. I hope this goes somewhere and he sends me some email in a year being like “oh hey we should work together” and I can be all like “well well well look who came CRAWLING back!” I’d tell him to beg on his knees but then this is going back to the whole ‘leading him on’ thing again. How awkward.

Note: I have my own website with a blog. I was never NOT going to abuse this

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Short attention spans and lack of conversation

So when I go to parties and try mingle or whatever (sound so much like an old man trying to be like a teenager here) I always run out of things to say incredibly fast and resort to just talking about the label. But not even subtlety, I’ll just be like “oh man I’m tired, I was up all of last night working on the label.” and do some slow moving stretch, like the start of a bad porno (or awesome one if you like T-shirt label sub-plots in your pornographic movies. I should get on that.) And for some reason ALL people respond to you telling them about a label with the same terrible joke: “Oh, is the shirt you’re wearing now one of your designs?” actually that’s not even a joke. I don’t know what that is. See in reality I should probably just read a newspaper or something so when people discuss current events I can do more than just nod my head and say yes or complain about the transport system regardless of what we’re actually talking about, but I have such a short attention span I can’t get through a paragraph usually. My dad watches the ABC news every night. We have some super ultra amazing LED TV with foxtel and all the channels but all we ever watch is ABC. I don’t like the ABC. I wanted to do my own TV show for ABC channel three called “pushing over small children.” It could still happen.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Awkward flashbacks


I really freak out when I think people are watching me. I remember one holiday we had in Nelson’s Bay where the gym at the place we were staying at had glass doors and I didn’t know whether they had a pull or push mechanism so I just avoided going the whole holiday thinking that if I got it wrong everyone in the gym would see and laugh at me. I’d like to think I’ve matured from this but if I’m in a bar and I think someone is looking at me I freak out and create a new habit like pretending to bite my nails or acting like I have a super important SMS to reply to because I can’t deal with just looking back and smiling. I think it stems from one time in year four when we had all just finished some sort of weird assembly event and the teachers said all the girls could now go to the bathroom as long as they skipped, and I was daydreaming and just heard the second half of the sentence, so got up and skipped to the bathroom with most of the girls in the grade. That was also probably around the time people started questioning my sexuality. It was very embarrassing and I lost all my street cred in the school. I still have flash backs when I bump into people I went to school with. Luckily I seem to be the only one who remembers these days. Thank god camera phones weren’t invented yet.


– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

Our Tees

All our tees are printed by hand here in Sydney, and based on a comfy unisex fit, which has been perfected over the last few years. We use watercolour inks to keep the tees feeling soft, and use high quality tees that wont fade and wear out anytime soon. We try keeping the tees at an affordable price as we just want people to enjoy our clothes. However, we cut no costs in production and keep everything at the highest standard. No sweatshops are involved in any stage of making the tees.